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    These concrete vessels come with a ready to use wax buddy refill.

    Say hello to the Small Circle (1.5 oz)

    Every candle is slowly hand poured into handmade concrete vessels using all-natural soy wax and then complimented with phthalate-free all-natural fragrance oil. It will have a long slow burn using only the finest of natural cotton wicks. No two are the same, each natural vessel has a different character and appearance.

    Vessel Scents: 

    • White Birch | Top notes of eucalyptus and mint, middle notes of cypress and pine followed by base notes of tonka bean and smoke. 
    • Holly Berry | Top notes of fir and cypress, middle notes of plum, spice and cinnamon followed by base notes of wood and incense.

    Wax Buddy Refill Scents: 

    • Red Hot | Top notes of cinnamon, whiskey and nutmeg, middle notes of clove followed by base notes of sugar, smoke and wood.
    • Black Amber | Top notes of mandarin, middle notes of cedar and jasmine followed by base notes of sandalwood, amber and dark musk.
    • Rain Water | Top notes of green leaves, lily of the valley and rose followed by base notes of ozone and sandalwood. 
    • Vanilla Bourbon | Top notes of buttercream, middle notes of vanilla and cake followed by base notes of sugar and bourbon.

    Item Dimensions: 2.84" x 2.84" x 1.57" 

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

    Design Tip: Once the candle is completed, reuse this concrete vessel with your wax buddy refill or as a planter, lifestyle art piece, incense burner, etc.